Secret to Having Perfect Skin

Healthy skin is something that most people have difficulty achieving. One of the biggest reasons for this is due to the fact that we are told incorrect things about proper skin care. When I was growing up, I was told the best way to take care of the hair on my skin was through shaving it using a razor. And I believed this to be true because I did not know of any alternatives to shave. What I did not know was that shaving was not only hurting my skin but there were alternatives that were so much better! After testing many different methods for hair removal for my legs and face and I can confidently say that waxing is by far the superior method.



One of the biggest reasons why everyone does not wax is because they assume that you have to go to a professional to do it. This could not be more false. If you purchase a Wax Bundle you are given all of the necessary supplies to wax yourself like a professional. Once you consider waxing an option you can see all of the great benefits of it. The first and most obvious benefit to waxing is the fact that it lasts so much longer than traditional shaving. Your hair will grow back two weeks slower when you wax compared to if you shave. I could stop right now and that should be enough to make you want to switch over to waxing but there are so many more benefits.

Face Waxing

The second benefit to waxing is that it pulls the hair from the root instead of just cutting it from the surface like a razor. The reason why this is better is because when the hair grows back it will be smooth which is much sexier. When you shave, it results in stubbles when the hair starts to grow back, which is GROSS!


I think another reason why people are afraid to switch over to waxing is because they think it is painful. This is another misconception, waxing when done correctly is PAINLESS! One of the biggest things that goes into this is having wax that is high quality and all natural. When you use painless wax that is all natural you are able to use it on your face. Painless Waxing is better to on a sensitive area like your face because it is less susceptible to skin irritations compared to when you shave. Waxing is healthier for your skin and you will not have to do it as much compared to traditional shaving.

Face Waxing

My favorite part about using wax over normal razors is the amount of money I spend. I purchased a Wax Bundle when I started waxing because it came with everything I needed to wax myself. You don't have to spend a ton and go to a European Wax Center or a Brazilian Wax place. Also, I only have to wax every 3 to 4 weeks I spend so much less money. And wax isn’t that expensive especially if you use this Wax Subscription Club that I use. In total I have saved thousands of dollars since switching over to waxing. Overall, I really enjoy waxing more than shaving and highly recommend you trying it out TODAY!

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