Sweat Belt + Anti-Cellulite Lotion Bundle

Now, get The Perfect Sculpt Sweat Belt along with our fabulous Sculpt Sweat Anti-Cellulite Lotion. This bundle pack gives you the 2 amazing products for one great price. Use the Anti-Cellulite Lotion to break down cellulite and see those inches melt off you with the Sweat Belt.
Features of the Sweat Belt:
  • The Sweat Belt encourages heat production around the stomach area to create an active core, even when you're not working out. 
  • Provides instant waist size difference, cutting off up to 3 inches that are visible. Can be worn under or over any clothing. 
  • The use of velcro promotes an easy on and off ability rather than pinching hooks. 
  • One size fits all (up to 42" x 8" wide)

Features of the Anti-Cellulite Lotion:

  • Enhances circulation to breakdown cellulite
  • Stimulates skin firming at key areas of the body
  • Smoothes and evens out skin texture
  • Defines waist, gives appearance of slimmer body and firms the booty