Sweat Belt + Muscle Recovery Gel Bundle


Take your workout up a notch with the Perfect Sculpt Sweat Belt and the Sculpt Sweat Muscle Recovery Gel. This bundle is a perfect way to break a sweat, work your muscles and recover with our gel. 

Features of this bundle:

  • Sweat Belt
    Encourages heat production around the stomach area to create an active core, even when you're not working out. Provides instant waist size difference, cutting off up to 3 inches that are visible. Can be worn under or over any clothing. One size fits all up to 42" x 8" wide.
  • Muscle Recovery Gel
    Use after activity or post-workout. Best when used after the Sculpt Sweat Thermogenic Workout Enhancer lotion during workout. The Muscle Recovery Gel enhances circulation and fights muscle fatigue and contains MSM to lower joint pain and reduce inflammation.